WTW and HTP?

WTW and HTP?

WTW and HTP? We get asked all the time about what to wear for the camera, and how to prepare for an interview (taped or live). Here are our best tips:


Attire / Presentation

  • Make sure you’re comfortable. Your ease in front of the camera is most important.
  • Think blue, gray, pink, and beige. These are the best colors to wear.
  • Avoid bright white, true black, and yellow. These colors don’t work well under the production lights and can wash out your face. If you’re appearing in a formal / professional capacity and want to wear a suit, a dark gray or blue works well.
  • No noises! No shiny objects! Avoid dangly or clunky jewelry and tie clips, turn off your cell phone, and keep other bright and/or loud distractions to a minimum.
  • Keep your grooming normal. You don’t need lots of extra hair product or garish makeup. Keep everything out of your eyes and your applications fresh.
  • Avoid stripes and patterns. Solid colors work really well. If you feel you need a texture, make sure to find something that’s subtle and is not dizzying. Pinstripes, plaids, and checks are out.


Content / Preparation

  • Ask the production team any questions you have, and ensure you understand their goals and objectives for the piece.
  • Be familiar enough with the content so that you don’t have to read it. Even if we can’t see the script on camera, we can tell if you’re reading it versus telling us a story.
  • It’s best to think of the filming as a conversation. Too much formality makes you come off snarky. Talk to the viewers naturally, like you would if you ran into them at the watercooler or in the supermarket.
  • Ensure the production team has your name, title, and other biographical details recorded and spelled correctly.
  • If there is a website or other call to action where viewers can learn more, be sure to share it with the production team.
  • Promote your appearance and invite feedback through your personal and corporate channels: social, blog, internal newsletter, and otherwise.
  • Send a thank you note to those who included you in the piece.


Have fun and congrats!

(If you have expertise and would like to embark on a corporate or executive visibility program, or have questions about the benefits, please let us know. We’d be pleased to help you design one and to secure placements for your content.)


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